Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sittin' Pretty and a New Hair Do!

Last Sunday before church I decided to take pictures of Amelia in her lovely rocking chair! Aunt Kendall and Aunt Kim got it for her as a baptismal gift and she had not gotten to try it out. Ben was a little upset with the photo shoot because I was supposedly barking at him to hurry but yet had the time to stop and take pictures! Oh well, what can I say?
Usually Amelia is really good at photos but the other day she kept closing her eyes!
Enjoy - Kori, Ben and Amelia

I agree with Daddy, we do not have time for this!

Fine, I will not smile though! I will hold on for dear life!

Ben and I wanted to see what she would look like with long brown hair. I don't think it is such a good look for her! Again, the eyes are closed!

She kinda likes it though.

Look at that soaked shirt.

Look at me! Look at me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

She is not happy all the time...

I just wanted to post some videos showing that Amelia is not a happy baby all the time! She has become very whiny lately and we figure that she is teething. She is not pleasant. Anyway, the first video shows her love for the dog. She is happy when Leah comes into the room and whines when she leaves. This is cute at first but after a while it is rather annoying. The second one is an example of the whining I hear all day long! At least she is not screaming!

You caught me!

I will give you a little smile.

I think she had one too many!

You can also see her new hand movement in this video. It's like she suddenly discovered how her wrist works!d s

That tag really gives her problems!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Name is Amelia and I am Infatuated With Tags...

Amelia has a new hobby, trying to get the white tags on her boppy pillow and blue teddy bear. I tried to get some pictures of her obsessing over them but they did not turn out that well. She will whine and grunt until she can reach them and them plaster them with slobber! She also got a kick out of Daddy's hat the other day. I think she really looks like a little boy in some of the pictures. I am sure that is just because she is wearing green and a hat! I also included a video of her new favorite noise.
Kori, Ben and Amelia

Where's Amelia?

Do not ever dress me in a green shirt, blue socks and a hat again, Mommy!

Yum, fingers.

I wasn't ready yet!
I am supposed to put it on my head?!?!?

I found the tag!
Almost got it!

There it is!
Don't judge me!
I am going to regret this someday. Can't you buy me a real hat?

You may not really notice the sound she makes, almost a B sound but she can't quite get it to work! She will make this sound over and over and over!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Momma took me shopping...

This morning Amelia and I headed out to buy a highchair! Aunt Kim and Grandma Cooper were especially worried that we had not bought one yet and were still using the Bumbo. Aunt Kim found a really cute one online and told me I could get it $20 cheaper at Baby Depot. When I got there I saw the display with the highchair, stroller and car seat in this fabric and I fell in love with them! Luckily I found a box with the highchair in it(that is after I called Kim because I could not find one and thought I would have to order it)! I also picked up some sun hats for Amelia to wear when all the nice weather returns! I think she loves the new chair and it is a lot easier to feed her now that she can't twist and turn!
Love - Kori, Ben and Amelia

Yes, Grandma Cooper I will take the tag off!

It was a miracle that all her toys stayed on the tray! She played while I did dishes and cleaned out the fridge.

Bath toys are so much fun outside of the sink!

She was to busy to even smile for me!

I think she knows she is cute!

So busy!

Hello, Mr. Whale.

She loves the exersaucer Sneff got her! She is finally tall enough to sit in it and kept going from one toy to another! Thank you, Sneff, it keeps her very busy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Bubbles!!

Amelia really loves bath time and last night Daddy put bubbles all over her. She loved it and we got some really good pictures. She is also fascinated with the spray nozzle. You can tell by the smile on her face in some of the pictures!
Ben, Kori and Amelia

Are you sure I don't look silly?!?!

The side view.

I think she will love waterfalls!

I want to drink it!

How is this look, Mommy?

Seriously, that is my biggest smile!

I am trying to focus here!

Friday, March 13, 2009


I feel like I have so many pictures to share because we have been gone so much! Here are some more. A few from bath time last night and some from last week! I also included a video of one of her new favorite things to do!
Love - Kori, Ben and Amelia

Daddy always puts lots of bubbles in!

She is all smiles!

Seriously Mom, another picture?

Scary Eyes.

Alright, I will smile now!

So Big!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend Amelia and I headed down to Illinois where we got to hand out with Emma, Anna, Ella, Colby and Jacob! Amelia loved having so many people to watch! Everyone was a big help! Emma held and put pajamas on Amelia, Anna and Ella helped make bottles while Jacob was always there to pick up a dropped pacifier! Colby was not so much help, she should really work on that Kelly! Ha Ha!
Love - Kori

Is this boy stinkin' cute or what?

He looks so grown up!

I think Ella will have to grow if she wants to hold Amelia anymore!
Anna, calm and cool!

Ella and Amelia watching some T.V..

Emma loves to hold Colby! I think Colby was quite fond of her also!

Aunt Kim, Amelia and Emma posing for a picture.

Aunt Kim, Anna and Amelia posing for a picture.

So Big!

Lounging around!