Monday, April 4, 2011

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

With the few nice days we have had it has become clear to me that my daughter takes after her father in the outdoors department!

We went to a few different parks and she insisted on trying out the eagles nest and climbing to the slide via the tire ladder rather than climbing the steps.

She insisted on helping plant the potatoes and climbed up on everything that could give her a ride.

She also had enough imagination to use the pool ladder as a jungle gym and was flying her stick around the yard.

We also discovered that she has to tell everyone around her what she did at the park, if she went down the slide she would tell the lady next to us!

I suppose it is not so bad that she is an outdoorsy kinda girl!

Her flowers!

Thank goodness for rubber boots and play clothes!
Helping Daddy plant potatoes!
She wanted to sqaush them into the dirt!
Riding Daddy's broken much did he spend on that thing that doesn't run?
Too cute.
Such a flirt.
Her great find of the day, a huge stick to fly around.
Getting a little better with her speech, however, she can't say her name and calls herself, ME!