Friday, June 26, 2009

I Got my Sunglasses, To Protect my Eyes from the Sun!

While we were out in California, Ben's Aunt Deby gave Amelia a cute pair of sunglasses! I had completely forgot about them until today and when I found them we had to put them on her! It took us a few minutes to get them on but she ended keeping them on for a while.
My post title comes from the movie, Corrina, Corrina. There is one scene when the little girl still is not talking to Corrina, but they are driving down the road with their sunglasses singing a song.
The song goes, I've got my sunglasses, got to wear my sunglasses, to protect my eyes from the sun!
Thanks again, Kelly, for introducing that movie to me years ago!
I still have it and love it!
Now I will have to watch it tonight!!!
Anywho, I hope you all enjoy the pictures!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

You know that she thinks she is majorly styling here!

Oh, my, I did not get my fingernails painted!(I did paint her toenails the other day though!)

Ready to walk around the yard with Daddy!

She then found the 3-D glasses that go with the sidewalk chalk.

So we had to put them on her too!

Amelia likes to stand up with you now. This was cute at first but now you can't walk anywhere! Who can resist that face though?
Helping Mommy with the dishes!
That is an accident waiting to happen!

These pictures are for Kim. I believe that Jacob had a little talk with Amelia, telling her how all the electronics work.

She is trying to put it back. I had a little talk with her yesterday when it started skipping. I told her it was her fault and this is what happens when we play with the DVD's.
I don't think she quite understood!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Happy, Happy Father's Day! Doo Da, Doo Da!
Happy, Happy Father's Day! Doo Da, Doo Da, Day!
Happy Father's Day, Daddy!
I love you sooooo much!
Love - Amelia

Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Steps!

Amelia has accomplished walking with the walker! Yesterday her walker had fallen over and she started walking with it. The handle was on the ground causing friction, so it was not moving has fast! Today, Ben put her up to it the right way and to my amazement she did not fall forward!
She did really well, especially when he put her "pretties" on the floor(bracelet). Speaking of the bracelet, she has been carrying it in her mouth all over the place. Ben hates that I let her play with it but she played with it for a whole hour yesterday! She was totally occupied and I thought that was great!
Enjoy the pictures!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

Posing with Daddy.

Ready for action!

Amelia and I sit on the deck in the morning after she eats breakfast! I drink my coffee, throw the Frisbee for Leah, and mess with my flowers. You can see what she does while we sit out there!

Again, with the bracelet.

Very excited I gave her the bracelet!

Her little capris kept sliding down her diaper! It was too funny!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Picture Perfect

Just a few pictures and videos from this week! She has been a little cranky because of her teeth and had a slight fever today. It is getting harder to keep her still for a picture! She is all over the place and into EVERYTHING!
However, she is a lot better at going down for naps and all the running around makes her very tired at bed time! She has started to shuffle from couch to table! It is only slight movement but we can tell she is concentrating very hard while doing it! She has also had her first taste of dirt, grass, turkey and real banana! We like to give her some variety!
And again, ignore my booming voice in the videos.

So, fancy!

Too many distractions!

Getting more interested into the scrambled eggs!

Likes the turkey!
She is into licking her lips with her tongue!

Hurry it up, Mom!

Back off, Mom!

Hello, Blue Eyes!


Friday, June 12, 2009


Just thought I would post this video! I do not know what Amelia was doing or trying to say but she was clearly trying to get her message across! We have started watching The Backyardigans, and she got really vocal when I turned it on. She was moving her tongue all around in her mouth and sticking it out. I was starting to get worried that she had had a reaction to the yogurt I had let her have a few bites of! Oh, and she now will chomp her mouth if she sees Ben or me eating anything she thinks she might want!
Ignore my loud voice!
Love - Kori, Ben and Amelia

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend with the James' Girls!

This weekend Mom, Karen and the girls came for a visit. They were all supposed to leave Saturday evening but I talked Karen into letting the girls stay until Monday morning! She finally agreed! We have had a blast with them! Amelia loves play with them and watch them play! They played the Wii, painted bird houses and figurines, washed my dishes, took Amelia for walks around the yard, played croquet, played the computer, colored, picked flowers and kept my dog company!
They were very good and we can't wait to have them back again!
Enjoy the pictures!
Love - Us

Ella made a game out of running and jumping onto the pile of blankets we stacked on the chair!

Amelia trying out her rocking chair.

Henry, my mean hummingbird!

Amelia was attached to Emma's hip alot of the time!

Anna, all smiles!
Ella hiding behind their new water bottles from Grandma Cooper!

Hello, Little Ben!

I tried to get all of them but it did not go over so well!

Miss Ornery!

Playing Mario Kart!
Save me Mom!
Flowers they picked from Uncle Ben's savanna!

Ella "washing" dishes for me!

Ella's bird house is the purple one, Anna's is the blue one, Emma painted the pig and lady bug and the scary chicken is the one I painted. I did not think the color combo would be that scary! I should have done the eyes like Emma did! They are all beautiful!