Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha!!!

I guess she had a long day!
I can not get over how grown up she looks in jeans, tennis shoes, and a shirt!

Brand new toothbrush!
First experience with brushing the teeth!

She did very well!

So excited over her new toothbrush and toothpaste!

Just some fun videos of crazy things Daddy does with Amelia!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I Love Sweet Corn!!

With Summer coming to a close and Fall right around the corner we have been enjoying the last of the sweet corn and the cool mornings! Ben and I both love Fall and are ready with all of our pumpkins and mums sitting on our deck. We have some really neat white pumpkins this year and Amelia has helped bring them up to the house with her wagon. She held onto them the whole way to the house! I thought I would post a picture of her getting ready to go outside and play yesterday morning! By the way, she is wearing handy-downs(this is what Aunt Kendall calls them) from Aunt Karen! The sweater, pants, and shoes! I love that we have them! I have not had to buy shoes or play pants for her yet! I also posted a video of her eating corn on the cob last night! Thanks for checking in!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What I Like to Do During the Day

Amelia likes to put objects into and onto things. Such as the picture illustrates above. I caught her putting the dog food into the water bowl. All I can say is poor Leah! Looks like she also gave Leah a Cheerio.

This is a video of her dancing skills! She loves her new Jonah movie and dances to the songs! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Rankin!

A video showing how she plays during the day. She will also bring stuff to Ben or me and then when she has a pile going she will come back to get them, one by one!
She will stack things on chairs, in her high chair, on the tables, and in any bucket or container she can find! As I am typing this she brought me my Nike sneakers.
Hope you enjoyed!
Love - Kori, Ben, and Amelia

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Whiny 1 Year Old!

Amelia has been very busy playing with all of her new toys! That is when she is not clinging to Ben or me! She has reached the stage where we have to work to get her to play by herself. She would be content sitting on our laps all day and cries when one of us leaves the room! She seems to pick which parent she wants to hang out with for the day and the other one she wants nothing to do with. Hopefully this stage will not last too long, I do not know if I can handle it much longer.
Amelia would like to say thank you again for all the great gifts she received! She loves them all!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Love - The Machlitts

This picture is for Aunt Kim so she can see that Amelia has plenty of big girl toys to play with now.

She loves Cheerios!

My favorite picture of the week!

She loves her new wagon too!
I catch her trying to stick her fingers through the holes in the bottom of the wagon while I was pulling her around.

Daddy was mimicking Amelia running through the yard!
We had meatloaf, potatoes, and peas for supper. Amelia loved the peas! After supper I went in to see what she was doing in the dining room and found her eating peas out of the high chair! I guess she was not done yet! Probably due to the fact the 70% of what she grabs ends up in her lap!

I wish I was this photogenic.

Hanging out in the yard! She was having fun chasing Moose around the yard.

Sorry about my heavy breathing!

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!!!!

I may win the worst Mother of the Year award because I did not have my camera for my daughter's first birthday! However, her Aunt Kelly did have her camera so we have a few pictures from the big day! Unfortunately, Amelia was not in a good mood for the big celebration due to NO NAP SYNDROME!!! Aunt Kelly did get a few good ones so hopefully you enjoy these!
Thanks Aunt Kelly!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

Here are a few pictures of Amelia in all of her 1 year old glory!
The week of her birthday she was fighting a cold, had 2 teeth coming through, and had her 4 shots at her doctors appointment. Needless to say she was not too happy. But she is slowly coming out of it and is a lot less whiny this week. We are working on getting rid of the bottle and eating only big people food. Both are going but not so well! She is getting used to walking in shoes and we are really working on sharing! She throws major tantrums when you take certain things from her, such as the lunch pail she takes to the neighbors(she carries it home and goes bonkers when I take it from her to empty it)! So, now that she is toddler it is time to learn some new manners! Wish us luck!
Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Love - Us

She also loves real keys. How do they know?

Modeling a few of her birthday gifts!

We rearranged the furniture and she was having a blast walking through all the little hallways we made.

Caught in the act!

Keys in one hand, bottle in the other.
We made her eat tater tot casserole last night. I honestly think she only got 5 bites in her mouth. We are starting the eat this or you might starve strategy.

Not so sure about something!

Ben picked all of our cantaloupe and watermelon. Now that the windows are accessible, Amelia likes to play right in front of them and put her fingers all over them!

Maybe I should ask for a bulk supple of Windex for Christmas!

The first video shows off her dancing skills and the second one shows her putting objects in to a bucket game!