Sunday, August 31, 2008

D - Day!!!

Discharge Day!!!!
Today we heard from the nurse that Amelia ate great during the night and did not have any apnea episodes! So Grandma and Grandpa Cooper went in with me at 9:30 this morning to hold her and we were a little disappointed that we did not run into the doctor as we were leaving at 11:00 but right as we exited the nursery she was standing in the hall. She asked if I wanted to take Miss Amelia home today and I said yes! Ben just called and is on his way so we are hoping to leave Evanston between 5 and 6 depending on how long it takes him to get here and how long it takes to get her ready to go!! We are very excited and nervous!! Below are some pictures from our visit this morning! Enjoy!
Love - Kori

Sleeping with her mouth wide open! I think she gets that from me!

Finally a picture of me without a hospital gown on!!

Grandpa Cooper and Amelia just hanging out!

Grandma Cooper thinks she will be a snuggler!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Morning Pictures!!

These were taken Saturday morning while Daddy was feeding her and she ate her record amount! I think he has the magic touch! Check below for yesterday's pictures and a full update!!
Love - Kori

Day 6 update!!!

This is the sign that our favorite nurse, Tracy, made for Amelia's bed!
This hat cracks me up cause she looks like she is ready to hit the slopes!!
Notice there is no more nose tube!

Finally a picture with some open eyes - I have to say she is a cutie!

Ben finally let me hold her for once!! Just kidding, we do try to take turns! These pictures are actually from Friday so I will post today's pictures next, I promise! As for the updates she is doing great! All the tubes are out and she can be taken to a private room now for feedings or visits! She is very portable they say so they have put an alarm system on her so no one tries to leave with her, besides us! Today she surprised us all by eating 55cc's for Daddy during her 10:00 a.m. feeding! Her previous record was 36 so we were shocked when she sucked down the whole bottle. She then ate 35cc's for her next feeding then 40cc's at her 5:00 feeding!!! She has decided to step up to the challenge so we are thrilled. The doctor decided that she no longer needed to be fed every 3 hours and can go 4 hours if she wants. She kinda makes up her own schedule now and no longer has a minimum amount she has to take. The doctor also says that she should be able to go home tomorrow or Monday so we are thrilled yet nervous about this news. She also said that is she does not have any more apnea episodes we shouldn't worry about her having them at home. So I am hoping that tomorrow we will get the good news that she is coming home! Ben and I want to thank everyone for their comments and phone calls! We love to tell everyone how she is doing and appreciate all the questions and concerns! If we do not comment back or answer the phone please just try back later!!!! Also, I just heard that there will not be a strike at Ben's work so he will be here to take Amelia home!!! I am so relieved that he will not be locked in the mill!!!! Thank goodness for that!! Well this is like an essay so I will go and post just pictures next!!

Thanks again!


Friday, August 29, 2008

Last night we got to change a diaper, give a batch, weight her and hang out in the ISCU with our favorite nurse Tracy. The diaper had real poop in it, no more easy to handle macomium.

Ok no new pics thins morning, but when I went in to see her in the morning she was in the new bed. The Ohio bed, it is open and does not have a heater or anything. This is good. She also is without feeding tube, and will lose her IV today as well. Hopefully the doc tells us she cn go home this weekend, I do not see much more criteria for her to meet other than to maintain what she is doing now.

We are going to go down at ten for the feeding. I think we are going to get a hotel room at a hotel right across from the old orchard mall, I have to call on that yet though.

The way you say the nickname is "Ahmie" like "Ahmen" but with an ie instead of an en. This is her given and accepted C.U.R.L./H.U.R.L. byname.

Check back later for new pics in the new bed!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey that other baby does not have a tube in her nose!
Hangin out in the ISCU
Take out the tube and I will open my eyes I promise.
This is the olny look you get till the tube come out daddy!

4pm feeding went well. She tried the boobie thing...maybe next time. She latched on ok but did not get any milk so she kinda gave up after a while. Then took the bottle ok, but she was tired. I left Kori and Amie to go get a SD card before our "special" dinner (Filet & Shrimp scampi) that the hospital gave us.

7pm she took approx 30cc's 10 of witch was from the mommy fountain. She was awake for that one, but I did not have the camera...hey I'm new at this give me a break. So that is about it I will post the ten O'clock stuff in the morning. We are hoping she gets to lose the IV and tube tommorow.

Presents from the womb

Freash out of the oven
I think I see an IPOD in there somewhere
Happy new parents
She does this look most.

Ok I dont know what this going to look like it is my first attemp at making a blog but here it is

Thursday aug 28 - As of 1pm she is feeding well. The new rule is she has to take a minimun of 15cc's when I fed her at 1pm she took 25cc's, so thats great. Kori is going to try to breat feed at 4pm. She opened her eyes a little for me today that was cool!

I am soory this are old pics for some of you. My memory card does not fit the computer and we left the cord at home but stay tuned for updates. I will have the picture thing fixed tommorow, and will flood the blog with pics.

I will post again after the 4pm show to let you know how that went.