Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Ben Bob, grab the gun!"

I have this horrible habit of setting garbage out on the porch. I started doing this when Amelia was crawling because I was scared she would injure herself while I walked the garbage out to the garbage can. So, the habit has continued and there have been several mornings I have woken up to garbage strewn across the porch. Ben has gotten on my case several times. The other nite, I told myself that I would take it down before I went to bed, but I forgot. Later Ben came down and told me to come and look.
There was a possum stuck in the garbage bag!!
After several attempts, Ben got it out without injuring himself or the possum!
Needless to say, now I am scared to go out in the dark!

First ride on the lawn mower!
Not as fun as Uncle Chris's four wheeler!

I really do not understand why I am in time out!!

I just wanted to color and I did not have any more paper!


Lookin' cute!

A little hair play!

Love it!

Nice shocked look!

Happy girl!

Longer in the back!

Moose brought her a present!
Daddy saved it before the cat made it dinner!

Hyper child!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

This year Easter started out with a Pizza and Beer night at the James' house Saturday night followed by sunrise service at church and then a drive to Grandma and Grandpa Rankin's in Earlville. It was a busy two days with a lot of fun!
I have a lot of pics to share!

After our 4 hour drive to Aunt Karen's, Amelia was ready to get out of the car. However, we were all shocked that she spent the first 5-7 minutes hugging Ella, and she would not let go! She would not hug anyone else and kept patting Ella's behind while she hugged her!

We could not stop laughing!!

Finally she let Emma hold her!

Uncle Chris even took her for a ride and she really like it! Maybe we do need a 4-wheeler!!
She wanted to get back on.

But Emma and Anna would not give up their turn!!
I wouldn't either.

No 4-wheel ride at the James' would be complete without a breakdown!!
Karen and I wouldn't help them!

Henry and Sophia were loving the car!
They would climb into it through any opening.

Henry loves to climb!
I think he attempted climbing on almost everything down there!

Sophia loved playing in the car but got a little ticked when Henry tried to join in with the fun!

Kyle being a Kyle!

He is so stinkin' cute!!

All three of them loved the rocking horse!!
All three of them loved the car too!


Amelia and Ella in their Easter dresses from Great Grandma Budke!

Amelia's first Easter Egg hunt!
She did pretty well!

Watching Toy Story with Anna and Grandpa Rankin.

That one is a nail biter for sure!