Monday, February 23, 2009

Steering the Horse!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted! Here are some pictures from the past two weeks. As for an update, Amelia has moved on to green vegetable this week. She is not so sure about the peas but her appetite end up overruling her taste buds! She has also accomplished rolling over from back to stomach although she has only done it twice in the last week! I believe we may have a lazy baby! She goes to the doctor on Thursday so I will post her new stats! Hope you enjoy!

Ben found out this morning that Amelia now uses his ears as a steering mechanism or handles! He could not stop laughing.

Notice the spit up flying out of her mouth. Some made it to Ben's hair!

I found out she fit into the grey corduroy pants she got from Mom! They are a little long but the fit the waist perfect.

Thought I would throw these in there so everyone could see her chubby arms and legs!

This picture is for you Amy! Chubby baby feet!

She literally passed out after her bottle the other night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miss Colby Comes for a Visit!

This past Friday Colby and Aunt Kelly made the trek to Indiana for a visit! I was really excited to see how much Colby had changed in the last month and eager to see how Amelia reacted to her! It ended up being a fun night of shopping even though it is hard to plan things around two different feeding schedules! I am also proud to say that Colby slept for 6 straight hours at my house! Maybe she takes to my house like Jacob took to Kelly's? Here are some pictures.
Colby, I have to apologize for the first picture. It is not the best shot of you but it makes me laugh!
Love - Kori

Colby got a new lime green head support for her car seat. She does not look to sure about it.

I know Amelia is kinda chopped off but Kelly's look is so great! She was trying really hard to get rid of Amelia's stranger danger!

I really do not know if they like each other! This photo shoot only lasted for 1 picture before Amelia joined in with Colby's cries! Notice the bottom lip starting to pucker out!

Showing off her tongue! She really is a mini Nick!

Kelly got her to smile for me. She has changed so much!

I love this picture! It shows how much her face has filled out. Look at those cheeks!

Cuddly with Mom!

Amelia is checking her out! Don't be fooled by the sitting position, she fell about 6 times before I got the picture. Kelly tried to catch her the first time but being the loving mom I am told her that I always let her fall!

This was right before Kelly got to my house. Amelia grabbed the spoon with sweet potatoes and she ended up getting a bath!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Teething Biscuit

Last night we decided to see how Amelia would do with a teething biscuit. While Ben and I ate supper Amelia tried out her new toy/snack!
She did pretty well. I think she would have done better if she had not been distracted by Ben's soda can! Afterward we gave her a bath and got a really good video of her splashing around! Unfortunately, whenever I try to upload it I get the message that blogger could not be contacted. I will try again tomorrow!
Kori, Ben & Amelia

Up the nose!

Are those my toes I see in the water?

Future harmonica player?

I swear he isn't poking her eye out!

Not so sure of the taste!

Notice the drool getting ready to fall off the bottom!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Naked Baby!

Okay, so she is not really naked but she is pretty close! Amelia has discovered her toes and is thrilled when someone pulls her socks off. She also gets a kick out colored socks!

Happy baby in the morning!

The other day we decided to take her for a walk! Even though it was 55 degrees out I was still worried she would be cold. The poor kid could not move her arms!

I love her eyes in this picture.

Standing Tall.

Please excuse the way I look. I know it is not flattering in the least! We took her in the backyard and I think she was amazed with the outside. We could tell she was quite confused with where we were.

This is not in focus but I thought it was cute with her looking at the snow.
She did not make a peep the whole time.

Ready for the great outdoors!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Funny Face!

Again, here are some pictures from here and there.
Amelia rarely fights us when we put her to bed now! We can put her in her crib after her last bottle and she falls asleep within minutes! Naps are still difficult but we are working on it! She is also a lot better at entertaining herself although she would rather have you playing with her! Her favorite thing to do right now is watch the dog! She loves Leah and she gets the biggest kick out of her!
Thanks for stopping in!
Love - Kori, Ben & Amelia

This is the end result of trying to sit up!

First time on Daddy's shoulders.

She seems to enjoy it!

All dressed up for church!

I think she enjoyed his hair more than the actual ride!

Goofing off with Mommy!
I was getting her ready for bed last night and decided to put her pants on her head to see what she would do.

It did not bother her at all! Isn't this the best look she has given yet?!?

Back to normal and trying to get the camera from me!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Momma, I'm a Big Girl Now!

I love this picture!

Sleeping so soundly!

Naked Baby!
Yes, she has rolls!

Everything goes into the mouth latley!

Too tired to wake up while being burped!

Amelia got her Big Girl carseat the other day. Let me just say that it was a lot bigger than I thought! She loves it though and I love how easy it is to adjust the straps! Do not worry it is rear and forward facing! We are not breaking any laws!

She looks tiny again!

She loves the top Grandma Rundle got her and she screams at it when it stops spinning. Notice how she twists to try and get closer to it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Love a Good Thrill!!

Just some pictures of Miss Amelia from this week. Grandma and Grandpa Cooper came for a visit but unfortunately the only picture I got of Amelia with them was of her hanging out on Grandma's leg! I also posted a video and promise that no babies were harmed during this filming!
Love - Kori, Ben & Amelia

Good Morning!!!

Hanging out on Grandma Cooper's legs!!!

She loves the teddy bear Great Grandma Budke got her!
She was catching a few ZZZ's on it the other afternoon.

She is going to be a thrill seeker I think!!