Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Play Time

Here are a few snapshots of Amelia playing with her blocks. She coos at them, yells at them, and tries to knock them down. It does not take long for her to get annoyed and start crying though. I got a video with all the talking she did but I still am having trouble getting it on the computer.
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tummy Time!

I am posting this morning before the rain and clouds prevent the Internet from working later.
Here are some pictures from yesterday. Most of them are from tummy time. We try to have at least 15 minutes of tummy time in the morning . It does not seem like a lot but she is not really interested in any toys yet so she loses focus quite fast. I think she is doing really well though and we can tell from day to day that she is getting better at it.
Love - Kori, Ben & Amelia

Okay Mom, I am really nervous about this whole sitting up thing.

Tummy Time!

I told you my head was too heavy still. I am going to crash.

Alright, I can handle this. If I hold my head up and stick my tongue out at the same time they will think I have awesome coordination and leave me alone.

Oh man, that did not work so well. I am going to have to keep doing this.

Success again!!!

A little break, maybe they will think I am still holding my head up even though my arm is really doing the job.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Here are a few pictures taken this week. I had a bunch more of tummy time but it kept saying that blogger was not responding. Hopefully I will get them up tomorrow!

This is I wish I was being held instead of in this chair.

Please stop taking pictures and pick me up!

Again, another picture of Daddy and Amelia!

I call this one - Long legs, Little Head!! She is wearing her Pooh shirt from Jen for the first time!
Ben actually dressed her quite well today!!

Look at me! I am not falling over!!

Little smiles!!
Thanks for visiting!
Love - Ben, Kori & Amelia

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so sorry that it has taken almost a whole month for me to get new pictures on the blog. I really have no excuse so I will not try to give one. Hopefully everyone is still checking. Can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks! Thanks for checking in!!
Love - Kori, Ben & Amelia

Amelia seems to really like Mr. Frog!! Either that or she is really staring off into space!

Doesn't she look so peaceful?? Mom placed her on her tummy for a bit. Since this picture tummy time has not been so peaceful. It is full of grunting and slobber.

She is so stinkin' cute.

Mr. Frog and Amelia were haveing a heated conversation. She was getting a little peeved.

But in the end she still loves him!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Visitor, New Outfits, and New Looks!

Aunt Kelly and Amelia are laughing at something I said! This picture is too funny!!
Amelia was trying to do a hand sign but did not quite get it. Notice the quality of these two pictures are far better than the bottom ones because they were taken with Kelly's camera not Ben's 10 year old camera!!!!
I think Amelia was a little upset that she looked like a little boy in this outfit!! I tried to girly it up with pink socks but she was not thrilled!!
Doesn't she look huge in this picture! I think her head and tummy are growing but not her legs!
Another picture of Daddy and Amelia! He promised to take some of me after I complained there were none!!

Here is josie grossie with the bib Aunt Karen bought her. I think Aunt Karen is trying to win points!! Don't you love the milk mouth?!?!
We headed out for a walk in the hat that Amy made for her! I love it!!!
Her usual hands out and up look. She has some freaky hand movements!
Another feel sorry for me cause I look like a little boy look!! I was just thrilled she fit into some other clothes!! Now there are some new things to dress her in!!

Thanks for visiting!
Love - Kori, Ben & Amelia