Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday, Buckets, and Blustery Days!

Here is the birthday cake that Ben made for me!
He even wrote all over it!

It was a red velvet/yellow four layer cake!
Ever seen that before!
It was very good and thoughtful of him!
I cleaned out an ice cream bucket to put some of Amelia's smaller toys in. She soon figured out that she could dump the toys out and carry it around like a purse, putting in different objects!

It made her very happy!

She loved it!

We tried piggy tails the other day but they did not last through our entire shopping trip!

It had rained all night and the next morning but by the afternoon it had cleared up and was about 70 degrees outside! Amelia and I headed out and noticed that a ton of leaves had fallen to the ground. They were still a little wet but she did not care! She loves to pick up leaves, carry them around, and attempt to eat them. I hollered for Ben to come out and we made a pile of wet leaves and let her have some fun!

Just some videos of her using her new purse!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

1-Up Mushroom

Now that we have been blessed with Fall weather we had to break out the heavier coat and hat for Amelia! Thank goodness Aunt Kelly got her this adorable coat and hat for her birthday! Ben absolutely loves the hat and calls her, the little 1 - up mushroom, when she wears it! He thinks she looks like the mushroom from Mario Brothers! Below are some pictures from our photo shoot that night. I also included a video of her throwing the ball for Leah!
Hope you enjoy!
Love - Kori, Ben, and Amelia

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Love the Baby Jesus!!

Hello, all! The other day I was writing Amelia's Christmas list out and realized that she would love to play with Little People. I was excited to put them on her Christmas List and that was that. Two days later I was sitting on the couch thinking about last Thanks-Christmas when it hit me that Aunt Karen had gotten her the Little People Nativity last year. I had stuck it in her closet because she was too little for it. I ran downstairs and started unpacking it! Amelia was super excited and spent the whole evening carrying them around and throwing them down the stairs(her new favorite thing to do). So the following are a few pics from the evening!

Love - Kori, Ben, and Amelia

It is a good thing she was not in charge of writing The Christmas Story.

It might have gone like this....

And then the sheep kicked Mary and knocked her over..

INTERMISSION, i have to check the props out...

The angel kept hollering at the sheep to stop...

the angel flew off the roof, upset that Mary and the sheep were causing trouble on such a special nite...

After the angel flew down to get things in order the donkey felt that he should have a better job..i mean he had to haul Mary, who was pregnant all that way, so he took over the angel's spot and restored order among the others...

The End.

Last night, right before bed, Amelia was attempting to put all the pillows on top of the table. The video will show you how that worked out for us.

She may have issues in the future!

The other one is of her and her game of covering her face and walking around, this time with a wand no less.

And last but not least her obsession with Veggie Tales and how Daddy interferes sometimes!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Blanket Wars!

Kelly and Colby came to visit last month and I think that everyone enjoyed the visit. Amelia and Colby got along, although I think Amelia got a little territorial when it came to her toys. It was funny because they really ignored each other until one of them picked up a new toy. Then they got interested. Thanks for coming to visit!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

Colby started out not liking Ben until he danced with her! Then she loved him! Typical female!

Do NOT touch my blanket!!

You make me so mad I am going to bite my blanket if you don't stop touching it!

Well, maybe it is sorta fun to play tug-o-war with each other.

See, Amelia, it is fun to play with me! I am a fun girl!

Alright, Colby, I suppose that I can play with you now that I know you will not destroy my blanket.

But, I will hold onto it, just in case. Don't take it personally.

No hard feelings, I am so excited about your other toys that I could really care less about your grody blanket.

See, I don't care!

Rock on, I will just take over this toy.

The End.