Thursday, June 24, 2010


Sometimes you just want to sit in your diaper box. I guess.
And sometimes you have to take that phone call, even if you are in the middle of lounging.

She looks too skinny here!

"May I help you?"

Alright, I will let you take my picture!

She found the raspberry patch, and enjoyed it!

Watching a show in comfort.

Check out that hair! It is getting longer!

She does not need our help any more to jump. She has gotten really brave.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Ummm, Mom, you really stink at building a fort."

This week has been a busy week for us. Ben and I both started back at school, and he is working 12 hour shifts 5 days a week. Yuck! Luckily the weather has been really nice so Amelia and I have been playing a lot outside.
I did not have a lot of pictures to post so the ones I have are not the best.
Hopefully you will love them anyway!
Let me also add that I just walked in on my daughter using her little water bottle to draw on her Aqua doodle, rather than the designated pen. She is so creative, ha ha.
Now let me write a little about what she loves to do at the moment.
1. She loves to say, "oh no".
2. She loves to eat anything someone else has.
3. She loves to climb on me and anything else she thinks will work.
4. She loves to take sand and pour it on everything such as, pool, Frisbee, me...
5. She loves to get my eyeliner and "use" it
6. She loves the movie, "A Bug's Life".
7. She loves to watch Billy the Exterminator with me.
8. She loves to wrap her babies in her blanket.
9. She loves to go up and down stairs.
and finally...
10. She loves to stand at the bottom of the stairs and turn the light on and off.
Hope you enjoy!
Love - Us

These are the cool stick on chalkboard flowers my neighbor got her!

They were so easy to put on and are easy to clean off!

I tried to build her a fort today and it was not the greatest.

She did try to work with it though.

At first she tried to jump into from the couch. She found out quickly that was not what you were supposed to do.
Live and learn.

Pretty double rainbow!

Chillin' at Aunt Karen's!
She loved that chair and knew she had to put it at the end next to Emma.
Then she would just watch them play!

Goofy girls playing the Wii.
They are getting so old!

They all had me put pigtails in their hair so they would all match!

Ben and Amelia at the hotel getting ready to swim!

I never knew that a swimsuit and a laundry basket were so much fun!

It obviously makes a great seat to watch movies in!

And it doubles as a dance floor!
Wish I had video taped this one!
She was a dancing queen!

Go Amelia, go go go Amelia!!