Friday, January 20, 2012


Hey, just thought I would post a few pictures since I am stuck inside all day due to the snow!!

Not much to report, both girls are doing great. Amelia is excited to build an igloo in the snow with Daddy and likes her outfits to match Caroline's every morning. She is still very excited that Caroline is here.

Caroline is getting bigger every day, she is still in newborn clothes and they are still a little big but she is slowly starting to fill them out. She has just started smiling a little more and staying awake a little longer and looking around.

That is about it! Hope you enjoy the pics!

Love - Ben, Kori, Amelia, & Caroline

Good morning!!!

I call this the explaining picture. Amelia has the look of someone saying, "Ummm, well, I was doing this and then got sidetracked and didn't wipe my face like you asked me too!"

Caroline's look says, "All this kid does is kiss me."

"Whoa, I had one of those dreams were I was falling off a cliff!"

I am too busy to stop for a picture!

Miss Ella took a really good picture!

Anna's best picture after 4 shots.....gotta work on that one!

Chris finally held her!

Uncle Randy had to have a turn. comfy!

GAG was good at holding Caroline! Hahahahaha!

Dress up is so much fun!

Emma upgraded to feedings!! What are you doing this summer Emma, I have an extra bedroom!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Just Like a Rock Star!!!

Hello everyone, so today Caroline had her 4 week appointment and she now weights, 5 lbs 14 oz!!! She also gave me an awesome gift last night by sleeping for 8 hours! Yeah! She is staying awake for longer periods now and is content to just stare off into space.

Amelia is becoming an awesome big sister and has been enjoying playing with all of the new toys she has gotten for Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa Rundle got her a pink guitar that she absolutely loves and we have had some awesome concerts put on for us lately. Just awesome!

She has also been into playing with her polly pocket princess dolls. She takes them to concerts, balls, parties and swimming for hours! She is super excited about the snow we got but unfortunately I wasn't able to take her outside to play in it, she was probably pretty mad at her little sister for that!

Well hope everyone else is enjoying the snow and hope you enjoy the pictures too!

Love - Ben, Kori, Amelia, and Caroline

Amelia rockin out to her guitar, concert number 100!

A few close ups of Miss Caroline, must be hard sleeping all the time!

She has finally let us lay her down in her swing....well sometimes....for 20 minutes....she prefers her carseat, the little weirdo!

Amelia showing off the lovely flowers I recieved from my sisters, love that Kim remembered I LOVE gerber daisies.....Ben never remembers!

Got the play gim thingy out for Miss C and she contently layed under it, I personally think Amelia was more excited than she was!

Lounging around, that's what I do best! But super cute doing it!

Amelia feeding Caroline...this lasted a whopping 5 minutes!

Yeah a picture of Mommy and Caroline in her awesome zebra pajamas!

Amelia rockin out with her guitar!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Baby sister, wherever you are, there I am!!!

Hello! Just decided to post some pictures and fill everyone in on Caroline's progress this week.

Today Caroline saw the wound doctor and everything looks good, it is healing nicely so they just changed up the bandage a bit which I am super excited about because it is less messy!

I do not know how much she weighs because her next appointment is not until Friday but I am sure she is over 5 lbs now.

We did make it to church last Sunday and it went really well, besides the party in the women's room when I went to change her!! You forget how people are drawn to baby's wherever you go and they want to know everything.

Amelia has been a big help with Caroline and helps feed her, read to her, dances for her, and loves to hold her. She is rather tired of her sleeping all the time though.

Ben is back at work so I am dreadfully tired all the time put as he says, "what is new?"

She is still pretty much still in preemie clothes buy some newborn stuff fits her alright!

Well that is all for now!! Enjoy the pictures!