Friday, December 25, 2009


We hope everybody had a great Christmas!
We just wanted to share some pictures from the last three days!
Love - Kori, Ben, and Amelia

She still loves her barn very much, she sits in it and watches movies!

She is either really cute or a weird-o!

She brought me her skirt the past few days so I put it on her. She has the weirdest faces in these next few pictures. She is not smiling but she does not have a sad or mad face either.

Our neighbor, Kim, who watches Amelia, came over with her husband, Stan, Christmas Eve night to give Amelia some gifts. They really out did themselves. She got so much from them and loved it all! She played and played that night! She was so excited!

Christmas Morning!
For some reason she got up at 4 am and wanted to play and give me kisses. So she slept in until I finally told Ben we should wake her up.
I was excited for her!

She did not get that I wanted her eyes open in the picture. Oh well, maybe next year!

Oh Boy!

She really likes the stool.

She also enjoyed our lunch. We had ham, mashed potatoes, and glazed carrots and peas!
She loved the taters and then the carrots were her next favorite!
This was the best look we got all day!
Over food!

She kept saying, "Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm!!!"
Love ya all!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Many Projects!!

Sorry for the delay in posts. I have tried to upload 3 different videos of Amelia and none will upload! It has been very frustrating. It is much easier to video tape her than take pictures these days as she is running around everywhere. Below are a few pics I got this week. We have had a very busy week with school ending and Ben working extra hours due to lack of employees at his mill. But thankfully things have evened out now and he is back to normal(somewhat)!
This Monday we are hosting a dinner for two friends of mine and their spouses! Yikes! I was determined to get some projects done before then and have succeeded in a couple.
My bathroom still is not done, I asked Nick tonight if he would come work with Ben on the bathroom and Amelia and I would go visit Colby and Kelly. He did not agree! Hopefully the bathroom will be done by March.
We also moved the office downstairs to the extra room and made the extra room upstairs Amelia's playroom. I never understood why kids needed playrooms. Now I do, it is so their stuff has less of a chance of sneaking into the main living area! And so there are not toys strewn everywhere on the living room floor every night! So we divided half her toys to go in her room and the other half to stay upstairs. So, if you do not see something you got her it is probably in her room. Now that our office and laundry room are downstairs we take her down there a lot more while we are working!
Enjoy the pictures and have an awesome Christmas!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

P.S. Thank goodness I passed my classes this semester! No re dos for me!

Some progress, at least the tile is up!

I downloaded the movie, Barnyard, on I-tunes the other day for $4.99. She is watching it with a lot of interest!

But she had to watch it off my computer! My awesome I pod is too old to take movies!
It is only 3 years old!

Her new playroom! Eventually we will get cubby shelves for her toys and a small table and chairs, maybe for her birthday! I am also going to paint the bottom of one wall with chalkboard paint and magnetic paint! I am excited.

Wanting to control the movie herself. We almost got time out for that one.

She is starting to get more battle wounds as she is trying to climb on everything and use everything as a stool.

One of her accomplishments. Climbing into the big rocking chair.
She doesn't care what she "climbs" on. It could be huge or small. She still thinks she is pretty cool.
My neighbor, Kim, who watches her invited her to her family's Christmas celebration. She picked Amelia up and kept her there for 3 hours! I got to finish my last Harry Potter book!
She was waiting for her to come and got super excited when she found out she got to leave with her. I am now aware that other people are way more fun than Mommy!
She looks so bored with me!
Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Rundle and also Uncle David and Aunt Lydia for the packages! She loved everything she got although she is not to keen on sitting still to have her picture taken with the gifts!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I am sure she would give you kisses if you were here!
And yes, she is dressed like a little boy in her red pants and Tonka shirt!
So, that is what a boy would look like?
Ha, ha!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

I know that all of you are upset that there aren't any pictures of Amelia on this post. However, I bought most of my books today for my first semester in the nursing program and had to share. Why share? Well today I purchased 22 books, and I still have a lab pack and 2 other books to buy that are not coming out until January. I think I had a small nervous breakdown while lugging these books to the car. I will not even tell you how much these cost or how one could possibly read all of these in 16 weeks. I do not think it is possible.So, for all of you looking at this picture, it was nice knowing you cause I am sure that you will not hear from me until May!

Thanks for checking in and I promise to post pics of Amelia Thursday night, while I am having a small celebration that the semester is over. Unfortunately on Friday I must start reading the 24 chapters that have to be read before class starts in January. No I am not joking.

Love ya all - Kori

Friday, December 4, 2009

Were you raised in a barn?

This morning I went to post a couple pictures and realized that I had quite a few to post!
Amelia has been very busy playing with all the new toys she got for Thanks-Christmas this year! I was especially surprised with how much she plays with the barn that Grandpa and Grandma Rankin built her. I had Ben set it upstairs for now because we are in the process of moving the office downstairs and using the old office as a playroom for Amelia. I didn't know where to put it because I was worried that Amelia would break it. However, she has been playing with it quite a bit and has not broken any doors!
I also posted some pics of our Christmas tree and of Amelia and Leah getting into some trouble.
I hope you enjoy all the pictures!
Love- Kori, Ben, and Amelia

Ben had the idea of putting her into the barn to play.

She loved it !

So now intstead of just climbing into the chair and sitting down, she has to set her doll on their first and then try to sit down.

Does not work so well for her.

I had a horrible time getting these boots on her, but we finally suceeded!
They are so super cute!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Cooper!

Ready to go get a Christmas Tree!

Amelia got into the pantry and got a bag of cereal out. She dumped it. Leah decided to join in on the fun and now we know that they both love Golden Grahms!

At least they both helped clean up!

Almost got them all!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!

Our colorful and lop-sided Christmas Tree!