Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can you say pumpkin?

So today we went to get some pumpkins because this is the first year we haven't grown our own.After seeing the prices of the pumpkins Ben vowed to always plant pumpkins for ourselves So he wouldn't have to pay that much for them again!!!! It was a really nice day with us getting some really cool pumpkins then amelia got to play around on all of the fun attractions they had!!
When we got home we were supposed to take a picture of the kids with the beautiful pumpkins but they were both asleep so we opted out!! However I got some good pictures of Amelia painting the pumpkins, her favorite thing to do,and Caroline playing with a few!
I hope you enjoy love Ben, Kori, Amelia, and Caroline

Daddy and on the cool school bus

On the wooden train

Is that Almelia or scarecrow?

Choo choo

Love this picture

The pumpkin of Amelia picked out for Caroline


Who wants an orange pumpkin I want a pink one:)

Caroline loves the white pumpkin


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Monday, September 24, 2012


Holy moly I am horrible for not posting..... Sorry!!!!!

And I didn't post a ton tonight but promise to get some videos up this week:) we are all doing good, the girls just had their doctors appointments last week!
Amelia weighs 36 lbs. and is in the 69th percentile for height! She was so brave when she got her shots:)
Caroline weighs 16 lbs. and is in the 40th percentile for her weight and 42nd percentile for height!!

She is now standing without holding on for at least 40 seconds or so!! She is definitely getting braver every day and loves to push her walking toys around!!

Amelia started preschool and LOVES it:) she goes 2 days a week and is super excited that she is star of the week tomorrow!

Caroline finally holding her own bottle:)

Helping daddy pick up tree branches with the truck

First field trip and first ride on bus:)

Class picture!

Holding her teachers hand, I don't know why I even went! She only wanted her teacher:)

Talking to Johnny Appleseed

Evil face !

Hanging out with Sophia and Henry!!

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