Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun?!?!?!?!

After numerous complaints from a certain someone :), I have posted a ton pictures from the last 3 months!! Unfortunately, they start with most recent and end with older ones but you all are smart and can figure it out!

This summer/start of fall has been crazy hectic. Ben and I are feel truly blessed that we are expecting another girl but are really wondering if it was the smart thing to get pregnant during the last semester of nursing school!! Too late to wonder now, I suppose!!

Amelia is doing great, she is what every 3 year old should be...talkative, curious, sweet, loud, active, and into everything. She is excited about having a new sister coming but not so sure about sharing everything with her, we have come to find she does not want to share her room or certain toys with the baby. She has also told us she does not want to get bigger, she just wants to stay little.

So enough rambling, here are the pictures and we hope you enjoy!

Love - us

She finally got the tricycle figured out!

With a little help from Dad.

Painting pumpkins was a huge deal for her this year, we have a ton in the garden, and I stupidly thought painting would be easier than carving........not so much!! It was very messy but she did have fun!

My pretty pumpkin, Ben could not believe I painted a spring pumpkin.....:)

Amelia's first pumpkin...she is so creative!

Note to self - an old princess nightgown + white church shoes= princess outfit to Amelia

Out to dinner!!

We went to Salt Lake City the beginning of October for Ben's cousin's wedding......Amelia was the flower girl and we make a pit stop at the zoo while we were there. She was scared of the statue.

Scary, huge, orange monkey!!

The giraffe exhibit was the best, we were able to get so close to them in this two story building! They were awesome!!

Outside the giraffe exhibit.

Alligator, Alligator

The best thing ever to Amelia!

Dinosaur drink - but no dinosaurs at the zoo, weird.

On the zoo train!

Flower girl, she was so exited to wear her dress and dance!

Daddy and Amelia

Labor Day Weekend Parade

Emma holding onto the balloons!

The kiddos getting a speech from Ben!

Amelia's Birthday, the big 3!! Daddy got her a frog cake!

Her new doll, Robyn!

Wearing Robyn's hat!

Mom, I have no idea how red cake batter got on my face...seriously!

Okay, maybe this is how!

While we were in California, our neighbors who watch and love Amelia, set up a big girl bed in her room for her birthday!!! She loves it!

Boxes are great fun!!

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

Again, I did nothing wrong!!!