Saturday, August 18, 2012

So big!!

Sorry it has been so long!!! I cannot believe the difference between the free time I had with only one child compared to two now!!! There is no free time anymore! Plus Caroline is very much a hands on child!:)

She has finally started to crawl and also started to eat regular food! Her bottom two teeth are also finally poking through! She still is not a good napper but has gotten a little better at sleeping through the night.

She has also developed a bit of a temper when she is upset or wants something!!! Lord help me! Her favorite food is yogurt and she loves strings!!

Amelia starts preschool the first week of September and is very excited, right now she is planning her wedding! She has decided to marry her daddy! She loves to paint and to eat all of the raspberries out of the garden! She also has a birthday on Saturday!!!!! Tinkerbell seems to be her favorite at the moment.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Caroline chewing on pizza crust, she had to have what Millie had!

Amelia pushing Caroline!


Tackling the sun spot!

Nap time!

Saturday morning cartoons

I love you!

Hanging out!

Sometimes you just fall asleep!

Contemplating what to do next...

Drumming with daddy!

Picking out her own clothes:)

Caroline rarely falls asleep like this, only twice has it happened!

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