Saturday, February 27, 2010

18 Months!!

Hello, everyone! Amelia turned 18 months the other day and it seems so unbelievable to us. It is crazy to think that she is no longer a baby. She weighs 26.5 lbs. now and is 32.5 inches tall! She is no longer in the 80th percentile for weight but in the 65th. The doctor says that is fine because she is getting taller! She is really thinning out!

So, Amelia's hair is so froish(sp?) lately that this is what it looks like when she wakes up! No joke. I started putting some product in her hair after her bath so it would lay somewhat nicely.

Her two favorite books at the moment are Farm Kisses and Mr. Brown can Moo, Can you?
I personally think she enjoys it more when I read it because I really get into it!

Obsessed with Mooses bed.

Staring at the balloon from Red Robin!

Pink and red! Love it!

A precious moment?

Okay, so the other day I picked her up from Kim's and as I walked thru the door she asked me if Daddy had dressed her that day?
Obviously, yes.
I love the shirt and I love the pants, but I do not love them together!
He tries.

That is what she thought of it.

Free toy!
$8.00 toy from Menards + $8.00 rebate=free fun for hours

She is so into the Olympics, I think she wants to do gymnastics though!
She stretches like a pro!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello! Just thought I would post some pictures from the last few days. Amelia has been very busy being goofy! It seems that in the last few weeks she has started doing goofy things like throwing herself on the floor and kicking her legs up in the air. Of course she is laughing the whole time. She had another tooth come in on the bottom and now hates to have her teeth brushed. We have to hold her down to get them brushed. Afterward she is happy so I really don't know what her deal is!
A new favorite of hers is jumping off her stool, which usually results in her falling on her face but she takes it like a pro!
I also have to say that I am very proud of her for eating brussel sprouts the other night. I get really excited when we add another healthy food to her list of things she will eat! Maybe I am dorky, but it makes me feel that I have accomplished something!
Well, that is it for now. I hope you enjoy the pics!
Love - Us

Sink time fun!

Spaghetti night is always a hit!

Really, another picture?

Playing with puzzles, she is getting really good.


Loving her stool for front row seating.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello, everybody! Just thought I would post some pictures of Amelia coloring. Aunt Kim bought her these crayons way back in August and she has finally figured out that they are not for eating or playing with. Ben and I have been writing a lot of note cards and she loves to grab our pens and a note card and try to color! So, last night it dawned on my to get these out again and she finally got it!
She had been very crabby and although she is not smiling, she was really enjoying herself.
She did not like it when Daddy tried to help her out and color with her!
Amelia has also started being pro-active at bedtime. When it gets to be that time or we start to tell that she is sleepy, we ask her if she is ready to go night, night. She then, usually, will grab her blanket and stand at the baby gate in front of the stairs. If we don't come get her to take her down she gets slightly annoyed! It is so nice that she knows when she is tired and does not throw a fit. Of course, I know that this will change but for now it is rather nice.
She also has become interested in putting the puzzle pieces in the right place on the puzzles.
This happened just yesterday, and we did all of her puzzles. She still has trouble because she seems to want to turn the piece right before she puts it in but we are getting there.
Thanks for visiting!
Love - us