Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am so sorry for the lack of blogging the last couple of weeks. In my defense I have been extremely busy and have not been taking pictures like I should be!
Amelia has a new tooth coming in and has had a runny nose the last few days. She has decided to take all the tissues out of the box in an attempt to get us to stop wiping her nose, or at least that is what I believe!!
She now says, "bye", however, it sounds more like, "dye"! She also has started saying, "thee" for three when she gets ready to jump into our arms. She almost says, two, and we are working on the one!
She also has started playing a lot with all her puzzles, although she is more interested in putting all the pieces in a bucket than back into the correct spaces on the puzzle!
We are working on it though!
Amelia now knows where her head is! We have worked on that for a long time and she finally got it! We now are trying to find our belly!
Well I think that is all for updates!
Thanks for checking in!
Love - Ben, Kori, and Amelia

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day!

This picture explains it all! It was snowing outside and I headed out to the porch to play Frisbee with Leah. Amelia saw me getting my boots on and immediately went and got hers and her hat. I felt so sorry for her. Since she has been inside forever. So, I let her come out on the porch with me.
She was doing great until she took her mittens off and touched the snow. She did not like the wet and cold feeling on her hand. We then headed back inside where she started screaming, she tried to push me aside and went to the door and started grabbing at the handle. So, I opened it up and out she went. She then started to eat the snow and all was well!
I knew my family would love the shot below!
Especially the snot running out of her nose!

I took the following videos last night. She can be such a character sometimes. Last night she just wanted to dance and dance.
Gotta love her!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We hope everyone had an awesome New Year celebration!
Unfortunately Ben worked and Amelia went to bed at 8:30! So, I decided to do some homework and call it a night!
Yes, I may be a loser!
Anyway, here are some pictures from the past week. Sorry, there are not any pics of Mom's tragic accident. But, I did post pictures of the upstairs bathroom remodel which has made some progress. Hopefully, it will be done by spring so any other guests can use it instead of the death trap downstairs!
Hope you enjoy!
Kori, Ben, & Amelia
P.S. Happy 3rd Birthday, Jacob!!

We have discovered the vents.

They do not look like too much fun to me.

She seemed to get a kick out of them though.

Watching Ice Age, one of her new favorites, I am glad for a break from Veggietales!

Stadium seating to a toddler!

Yeah, the tile is up and the shower is ripped out!

While Grandma and Grandpa Cooper were here she would grab all her hats and bring them to us to put on her head.

Obviously worried when the top hat fell off.