Tuesday, September 3, 2013


So, today was a huge day in the Machlitt household.  Amelia started Kindergarten and Caroline started day care.  I honestly thought it was going to be a lot easier to drop them both off this morning.  All of these years I never understood why parents were sad and cried and upset.  I mean, big deal, your kid went to school and will be back later.  Celebrate.
However, I am sad.  I almost cried.  And I don't think it is the fact that she is in school.  I am worried about all those things she now will have to deal with and understand.  Those things called other kids and other adults.  The fact that not everyone is nice or the same.  Right now you start worrying about other kids but then you start to worry about yours.  Does she know and fully understand that kids are different and that is okay?  Will she be nice to everyone and stand up for not only herself but for others?
I know she will be fine, especially since Aunt Kendall, I mean, Miss Rankin, is student teaching in her classroom!! I am thankful for that and so thankful that Amelia was super excited this morning and could not wait to get there.
Caroline on the other hand, not to excited to go to DeeDee's today and hang out with other kids.  Not going to lie, as she screamed when I left I thought maybe I should just go get her.  But, I know that she will have fun and that she is fine!!  I also know that she needs some time away from me, and that I need some time away from her too!

We will try to keep up with the blog this new school year! I already have to get some more pictures of Amelia with her book bag! I will maybe post some later!
Here are some of the girls actually playing together with the water hose!



Anonymous said...

So glad your back. I have missed the adventures of the Machlitt girls
Thanks for posting

Anonymous said...

I have misssed your posts. I can't believe that Amelia is in Kindergarten!!!!! Time really does fly by. What cute girls you have. I will continue to watch your blog. Thanks so much for posting.